It is time again. My iMac/MacBook Pro combo has now hit the 5-year mark. That is usually when I like to upgrade my machines.I started looking at the MacBook Airs because I liked the idea of a smaller 11.6 inch screen, but there was something that felt a little dated about that machine. Then I started looking at a Retina MacBook Pro and the screen was something that got me excited.Then the new Chromebook Pixel was announced and I almost thought about because I just wanted something different, but the limitations of that machine would drive me nuts after a few months I am sure.None of these machines get me really excited to the point of just throwing down the credit card and figuring out how to pay for it next.The new “Retina MacBooks” will be great when version two hits and they added another USB C port onto the other side like these new Chromebooks.But, for now I just don’t feel excited at all about a new machine like I do when I get a new phone still.