This week I have been in the middle of a massive project. It had a very sensitive deadline. But, allowed me to see some of the problems that face people in our work. These are nothing new to most of us. But, sometimes it is just good to vent.Working with phone browsers it is challenging to do a massive testing of your product. At times, you want to use just and iPhone as a base and hope things render correctly across all WebKit/blink browsers. I like to actually interaction with the final product before we ship it.Also, if you working on a stack where you can’t use SASS or CoffeeScript if you are into that. I want to be able to use SASS when the project calls for it. Now, I have been working off a massive CSS file that is nearly three thousand lines and is a nightmare to debug. I would love to dive into some of that partials world right.And finally, if you are working in a small team and someone doesn’t like your design mockups. It is just better to be honest with them. Give, the designer good feedback. Nobody ever wants to hear “I don’t like it…”It has been a long week.