I feel like lately, I just hadn’t been myself. Something was just off and I wasn’t sure why. There was not a lot going on in life and I couldn’t pinpoint anything. I tried all the usual tricks just to shake out of it. I was watching a video on a writing class and the instructor had an assignment to find a song from when you were 13. I stopped the video right there. Started hunting thought Spotify and I put on the album that I played so much I broke three times and still own three copies of this.Then, I sat with my headphones on and I just listened to the whole album. I feel like I had not done this since 2008. I listened and it really took me back to those teenage years. A rush of memories came back that I had not thought about in a long time. It was a profound experience as this was an activity I used to do all the time.Then, I heard the lyrics that got me through my teenage years. The line that made me feel ok. That got me through most tough moments in life. It made me feel ok to be me.“I Know I Believe In Nothing But It Is My Nothing”