Each year since I started my writing habits I have done a bit of a recap. I started my writing journey three years ago. My goal was just to do something different and explore a different type of creative output and three years later. I am still going and I don’t see myself stopping soon. The benefits are all still there. I feel like I can think clearer. I feel like I can handle more complex questions easier. The journaling habit has just become part of my life now. It’s not a hassle and it is not a problem. It was one of those activities that I look forward to stilling. I do like to experiment with the process and try some new things. I tried to use paper journals this year and that was harder than I thought. It was still easier for me to get into a text editor and just start writing. I can still get into the zone quicker and it is just easier to review. It feels like it has helped me grow as a person and my creativity has never been higher.