Lately, I set out on something different. I wanted to make a lot of changes and I have had a lot of lists of to dos and goals. These were things that were just never getting done and got lost in notebooks, forgotten. I was stuck in a cycle of never getting the things done that I wanted. I started with one big goal that I wanted to accomplish and built from there, each month taking on something that I had always wanted to try and starting to work it into my daily routine. Each month, the challenge ranged from trying to eat better to trying to take a photo every day. Change In Thinking  The beauty of tackling things in small chunks like this is that anything seems possible. The things that don’t seem possible suddenly make a lot of sense.  One thing that I always struggled with was taking those large and ambitious goals and breaking them down into small tasks.  New ProjectsThis process got me thinking better and finding pockets of time in my day, from making sure certain apps are on the first screen of my phone to not being afraid to outsource something when I need help with a project. This month, I want to do something different and take the goal one step further. I have always wanted to do an online course and try out something along those lines, so I am going to set October 31st as my deadline and I am going to craft a course.