Is there something that has always been on your to do list? Have you always wanted to do something and it just has been sitting on your goals sheet year after year? Podcasting has always been one of those things that interested me. I have always been told that my writing is very conversational and that I am a good story teller. I always wanted to play around with this medium. So, naturally, I decided that I needed to buy an expensive microphone to start this. I found a microphone that would be good for podcasting and I ordered it. I recorded one really nervous and unplanned podcast on it. Naturally, it has sat on the shelf every day since.The last few weeks, I have been stuck in a rut with my writing and haven’t been satisfied with what I have been doing. My wife had a great idea to walk around with my phone and do some speech to text on some ideas. Apparently, I need to buy something to get anything that I want done. So, I ordered a lapel microphone for my phone so I could walk around and start recording.Next, I needed an app to record myself. I make everything so difficult. The setup that I found was using this group messaging app, Roger, that has IFTTT support. I can easily talk and the output raw mp3s into a dropbox folder.So, every morning I started to record some audio. There was plenty of just horrible recordings. My favorite one was when I was whispering for no reason. It was like I didn’t want my cat to hear me speaking.You can’t be afraid to suck. You have to spend time getting the junk and the bad out. The suck is going to happen and don’t let anything stop you. Find the fastest way to get something done and get one finished in whatever you are working on. Then worry about getting the nicer equipment and the better software.We must never forget the adventure time quote, “Dude, sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”