I set out to have a very ambitious year. Each year I sit down with a list of goals and I try to break them down into chunks to and into smaller tasks. 2016 was a year where I wanted to go big. I was very ambitious in all aspects of my life from the personal to the professional. If you look at it at the surface. i failed in all of my goals. I just went down the list and I missed every single thing that I wanted to do to. But, I started to drill down a little deeper and there was a ton of things that I learned this year. There was a ton of progress that was done. But, they were technically failures. There is something to gain and something to learn from all of these. You can find little pockets of knowledge and insights if you track these things and monitor what you are doing and what you are missing. One thing that I learned this year for myself is that I work really well when things are broken down into tiny tasks. I do well when I have tasks in front of me that I can work on. If I have to think about what to work on. I just end up wasting time. I have to plan my week ahead.