There is a lot that makes me scared every day. I feel like an imposter most days. I feel like I am not worthy of the things that I am trying to create. But, I have been trying and I have been compelling ideas. I have been doing what I like to call creating in the shadows. Creating content and never showing it to anyway. It just sits on the shelf and slow fades away from my memory.This month, I Have been going back to find those ideas and those things to share. There was a common theme in a lot of notes that I found. That I wanted to make a podcast and I had enough stories to do 10 episode run of this concept that I had written down. The date on my Evernote was 2014.That made me oddly embarrassed. I like the idea enough to create and then do nothing about it. Storytelling is hard good storytelling is a craft and almost magic. But, I am going to craft this one episode and I am going to see how it goes. I am giving myself the permission to make and permission not to worry and have fun and of course a deadline.