I am a person who will always have a screen near him. My passions are all over the place. I find researching everything from video games, politics to healthy eating and design. I love to learn new things every day and use these new experiences.I have wanted to start blogging again for the longest time. Writing was always a passion of mine. I worried about my audience and if anyone would want to hear what I had to say or would want to follow me. I worried about everything except just making great content.When, I was in college, I built up an indie music blog from nothing to a site that had over thousands of visitors each month. I was able to bring on a small group of writers and we were proud of the content we were making and the product that was out there. I loved writing and exploring that side of creative work.But, something happened after blogging about music for over five years, I started to get burnt out. I didn’t delegate a lot of the work out to some of the other writers on the staff. After all of that it stopped being fun. My work got sloppy and I lost confidence in myself and my abilities to do the work.I would still on occasion write but would never do anything with the content. It would just sit in a folder on Google Drive.So, I was on one of my long weekend walks and listening to podcasts and it hit me that it was time to experiment. This one interviewer kept bringing up failures and people who just “buy books and don’t take action.” I was becoming one of those people. It was all talk and no action.That hit me hard. It was a time to change and start shipping and experimenting. I have notebooks full of “ideas” and never take much action on them. I always dream of things that I could build.Last week I decided that I would make this a priority.In the past week, I have signed up for an intro to node course, and I shipped one client project. I have also finally got a productivity workflow that seems to have worked for me.Each day, I want to start giving myself little projects to work on and keep my mind active and try to think of fun things to make.My goal will be to get a system and a schedule for posting but for now who knows. Over the next week I am working on moving all my sites to Digital Ocean, finishing up a small little mobile app for a client and writing another post.