This past week Jay-z official launched his Tidal music service. There was a bit of noise around it when it launched as some major artists turned their tweet accounts blue in support. There was a live stream of this awkward launch party with all of these powerful people.Watching Jack White and Kanye West talking about the artist taking control of everything doesn’t get me excited.The whole thing felt weird, and they never showed off the product. There just a lot of talking about the artists taking things back and hearing things the artist way.The high-quality stream was a bit of an intrigue for me. If you are using the right pair of headphones, you can tell the difference in quality. There are those moments when you are streaming when the quality can start to questionable but still only under the right circumstances.I have been using Spotify for just under three years what is the value add for me to switch services. I get to help Kayne, pay more money and maybe if I have a strong enough stream get to hear quality music.The problem with music that is different than the video is that I pay for multiple services. Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime all serve a different enough purpose to warrant the price tag. For music, you want a more one service to it all.I don’t want to use Tidal on my Sonos to get a better stream and then switch to my car to listen to the Spotify playlist a friend sent me.Also, I did want to sign up for a free trial but I had to enter my credit card. One, I am tired of doing that. Let us have a sample, and I will pay you if I find your service to be useful to me. I don’t want to set a calendar reminder to delete my account if I had it.Then today another new service launched Rithm They are very focused on the social aspect of music. Which, is something that Spotify does extremely well. Everyone I know uses it, which, makes everything very simple. But, Rithm is only 3.99 a month.Rithm is an interesting product because of what it was focusing on. I love getting recommendations from friends of even just swapping songs during a work day.I was able to play with the service for a bit today. It is very chat heavy as they want it to be a place where you build these playlists from swapping songs with your friends.There are some chats or playlists that you follow, and you can get this Pandora-like radio station. It was fun, and I can see it become useful if you have a good group of friends in it.I also don’t understand why they charge 99 cents for verified profiles. Seems like an odd thing to charge for unless it is for artists.The thing with Tidal is if it does manage to get artists to pull material from other streaming sites. If Spotify starts to lose bigger and bigger artist, there could be some issues popping up. It would be surprising to see people jumping ship for it as is. The other next thing to watch out for is if Apple tries to do something with the Beats music app this year. Otherwise, I see no reason to change yet really.