Whenever, I start creating something I always start by making a static flat version of the design. I never liked working on a server, and now I want to make sure everything is version controlled. I have an MAMP setup going with Code kit, and that setup works well for working on a theme.I found Drophost it is a hosting platform that uses Dropbox to sync your files with their servers. There are a few of these hosting services out there, but drophost does allow for a one-click install of WordPress.Drophost when you enable Wordpress integration syncs your theme folder to your Dropbox account and keeps everything else on their backend. All you get access to is Wordpress admin and the theme folder. While, having limited access to your files can be frustrating at times, it can be helpful that you only focus on the matter at hand.I am still playing with the service to see if any limitations come up. But, it was nice to load a theme I have made a number of years ago and make a quick little update to the files and still manage to keep everything updated on GitHub.The early returns are very promising, and I hope it can streamline theme creation.